Data will define the new digital paradigm.

Our belief is that data holds the key to understanding your audience. At Platform IV we use data driven disciplines to deliver actionable results for our clients.

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A digital production agency with an unique approach to data driven marketing. We specialize within four digital disciplines:

Data & Analytics

Data is objective and non- discriminant, two principles we use to initiate relevant and coherent strategies for our clients. We act as translators of data between business and consumer and in doing so have built our own proprietary analytics tools to gather unique insights about your audience and how they interact with your brand.

Social media strategy

Social media is the most powerful tool for businesses to communicate with their customers. The key to success? Transparency. We follow specific principles when utilising social media. We earn our clients their media space rather than buying it. We build social media strategies using data driven consumer insights ensuring optimal efficacy and measurable results.

Content marketing

Content is king, and your audience are the subjects. Our dedicated team of art directors and designers specialise in targeted marketing strategies. We deliver concept development through to distribution as a turnkey 360 solution to engage our clients audiences. We provide content production at scale from SME's to corporate enterprises.

Product development

Software, hardware, through to malware – we have it covered. Our in house team of product developers and engineers understand the tools needed to succeed in business and we provide this as a resource. We develop apps and websites for our clients providing a broad range of knowledge in design, UI, and UX, coupled with back and front end expertise.

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Or projects range from external client projects to in-house product development and production.


All social media in one place

Feeda is our own in house-startup – providing an ecosystem of applications that have a common objective of bringing all social mediums into one platform. See our overview of the featured Feeda applications.

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We believe that we’re living in an era where everybody is a content creator, and where consumers, users, viewers and advocates are all synonymous.


If you give a stage to your audience they will perform; acting as mediums for your brand message. Building a relation to your audience and being responsive to what they say is the key to social success.

Who we are

Since founded in 2011,  Platform IV has grown from a predominantly consultancy based company into an innovative full scale digital product development agency. 

With offices and operations in London, UK and Stockholm, Sweden we focus on helping businesses differentiate from their silo norms and industry competitors.

Our team consists of data scientists, marketers, business developers and designers from varying backgrounds. Our common denominator is the passion we share for connecting people through today’s digital intricacies.

What we do

We are act as digital translators for our clients to their customers. Our methods consist of listening to whats being said from social sources, creating a coherent message, and distributing this message across multiple platforms and mediums using technology.

Our business model involves us building proprietary products to optimize our client offerings. We utilize our in-house resources to create products that deliver consumer understanding and insight.

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